Advantages Of Sharing An Apartment At An Assisted Living Community


As an elderly person who has a certain level of disability, you'd like to move to an assisted living community, but you're not sure you can afford it. Consider getting a roommate and sharing the cost. You'll each have your own private master suite with a bedroom and bathroom, and you'll share the rest of the living space. There also are advantages besides the cost savings.

Communities That Match Up Potential Roommates

Assisted living communities do their best to match up new residents who would likely get along well. When you express interest in an apartment-mate, you may get a questionnaire on which you can note your religious affiliation, hobbies, TV shows you like and other aspects.

You should be able to set boundaries when you fill out your survey. For example, you may prefer someone who doesn't drink alcohol. Moving in with a night owl may not work well if you're a morning person. 


  • Faster SocializationHaving a roommate gives you an immediate new friend. You'll have someone to attend recreational and other social events with right off the bat, which can be helpful if you're feeling a little shy. In addition, a roommate will prevent some of the loneliness you might feel at first in a new living situation. 
  • Someone Who Makes Sure You're OKA primary reason you're moving to assisted living is so you have some help when you need it. Sharing a place provides the additional advantage of someone being right there in your apartment if anything goes wrong. If either of you ever slips in the shower or has some other accident or health-related problem, the two of you have each other to act promptly and make the right phone call. Your safety and well-being is increased by having a roommate.
  • Being Able to Share Household TasksYou probably look forward to assisted living apartment life for the reduced housekeeping responsibilities and the chance to have home-cooked meals provided for you.

With a roommate, cleaning becomes even easier because you're sharing the duties. You might take turns vacuuming and dusting, and you might combine some of your laundry and take turns doing that also. Preparing meals in your own kitchen might become more appealing again now that there will be two of you.

What Can You Do Now?

As you begin contacting assisted living communities, find out whether they have programs where they match up prospective new friends to share an apartment. Learn the details of how the staff decides who will get along well. As you take this step forward, you have the opportunity for a fulfilling new chapter in your golden years.


14 April 2015

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