Moving To A Senior Living Facility: Pick The Right Things To Bring


When you move to a senior living facility, hard choices have to be made. Among these choices is what to bring and what to leave behind. Many factors must be considered when deciding which possessions to bring to the facility. The size of the living quarters, facility rules, and the availability of storage at the senior facility are all variables that will influence what is brought.

Make a List of Everyday Items to Bring

Start by making a list of all the items you use in your everyday life. These items should be your first priority, while all other items should be considered to be extra.

Once you know which items are your priority items, use a floorplan of your new living quarters to assign spaces and rooms to each item. This will ensure that you have a place to store everything you plan to bring. Now you can begin the task of deciding which non-essential items to bring with you to the facility.

Consider the Size of the Closet

Assuming that you'll be bringing some sentimental items like holiday decorations and other items that need to be packed away, you'll need to figure out what fits into your storage areas, like closets and cabinets.

Buy plastic storage tubs that will fit into the closet and other storage spaces in your new living quarters, then fill those tubs with the things that you wish to bring with you. If there are many items that won't fit into the tubs, consider giving those items to your children, family members and friends. What you don't give away, you can sell in a yard sale, for a small profit.

Familiarize Yourself with the Rules of the Senior Living Facility

Some senior living facilities have rules about the kind of possessions that their residents may bring with them. Your senior living facility may not allow you to leave your coffee maker, expensive jewelry or certain types of pets. Before you make your final decisions regarding what to bring and what to leave behind, find out what is allowed in your new apartment by your senior living facility.

Avoid Bringing Duplicates

Senior living facilities often provide some personal items to residents. Obtain a list of all the items that you can expect to find in your quarters upon arrival. This will help you avoid bringing duplicate items with you to the living facility.

Good luck with your upcoming move. Following these tips will help smooth your transition to the senior living facility. For more information, check out companies such as Crimson Ridge Meadows.


14 April 2015

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