3 Signs That It Is Time for Your Loved One to Have Assisted Living


Having an elderly loved one can be a very eye opening experience. It can be very rewarding, but hard to care for their needs. As your loved one get's older and unhealthier, they will need more and more care, much like a child would, but they are in an adult-sized body. This can make it extremely hard for you to care for them on your own, or for them to care for themselves. Here are signs to look for that will tell you it is time for an assisted living center.

Trouble Remembering Simple Everyday Things

As the person ages, you might notice that they are having a hard time caring for everyday, simple things. For instance, they might be forget to turn off the stove after they cook, they might let their mail pile up without remembering to get it, and so much more. Although in the beginning these things might seem like mere nuisances, they can actually be very dangerous. Your loved one could forget to turn off the bath, leave a candle on overnight, leave something in the oven, and so forth. If you notice that simple, everyday things are being forgotten, the person might need constant care.

Their Physical Appearance Is Lacking

If you visit your loved one and they have not gotten dress, haven't showered recently, or are overall letting their hygiene slide, this might be a sign that they need assisted living. They might be having a hard time physically caring for themselves. Showering may become harder and they are not able to do it on their own. Second, they might be depressed and have lost motivation to get ready for the day. Third, they may be confused about what time of day it is. All of these things are signs that they need more care than they are getting.

There Is Rotting or Old Food in the House

Preparing your own meals is an important part of living alone. If your loved one is unable to prepare healthy meals for themselves, this could become a major problem. If you find food throughout the house that is old, rotting, or unhealthy, you might consider taking your loved one to an assisted living. They can get healthy, prepared food delivered right to them. If your loved one can't prepare their own food this is a sign that they need care right away.

If you notice any of these signs it is important that you take action right away. For more information, talk to a professional like The Cedars.


29 April 2015

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