5 Ways Assisted Living Can Improve The Quality Of Life


If you or a loved one is searching for a way to maintain independence while receiving the care you need, an assisted living facility can help. Independent living facilities can help improve your quality of life in five different ways.

Companionship and Mental Stimulation

Since you will be spending your days at the assisted living facility, you want to know you will not be alone. Many senior care facilities offer daily activities, field trips, and arts and crafts. You can build friendships and companionship with other members at the facility.

In addition to activities, some assisted living facilities offer classes to help teach new life skills, languages, and more. You can test your brain and exercise it by attending classes and learning new things.

Physical Fitness in a Safe Environment

Seniors can enjoy fitness classes offered at the assisted living facility. The classes are specialized and geared for seniors so you never have to worry about trying to keep up or rushing around. Fitness classes work on different areas of the body to help improve your overall health.

Some assisted living facilities will offer additional resources such as swimming classes, yoga, and even cycling for those who want to take on a challenge.

Supervision Daily

When living at home, you freely move around, but if something happens to you, your family members and neighbors may not even know. At an assisted living facility, you will be supervised so the risk of getting hurt is minimized.

All fitness and social activities are monitored to ensure each senior is able to participate and have a good time. Supervision is important when you suffer from memory loss or you are a fall risk.

Maintain Independence

Quality of life is important to a senior citizen and an assisted living facility can help you maintain your independence. You will have the opportunity to perform grooming and living activities that you are comfortable doing.

If you come to a point where you need assistance, you can get assistance quickly. Assisted living facility staff understand how important your needs are and they will allow you to have your space until you ask for help.

Supervised Nutrition

Living at home can lead to poor nutrition, especially if you are unable to cook. At an assisted living facility, you will receive cooked meals that meet your nutritional needs. Residents are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a set schedule for convenience. If you have special dietary needs, they will be met.

An assisted living facility can improve your overall quality of life by helping you with difficult activities while allowing you to remain independent and in control of your own care. 


12 May 2015

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