4 Tips For Choosing An Assisted Living Facility For Your Elderly Loved Ones


Choosing an assisted living facility for a parent can be confusing and stressful. Certain questions should be asked so that you know that the facility meets up to your criteria, as well as your parents. After all, they will be the ones that actually live in the facility. Below you will find some questions that you will want to ask when searching for the right assisted living facility for your elderly loved ones.

How Friendly Is the Staff?

You will want to ask about and observe the friendliness of the staff. Ask about the staff's credentials. You do not want a staff member with a criminal background of brutality towards his/her grandma. You want to keep your parents as safe as if they were in their own home. Knowing which type of assistance the staff will administer to your parents is significant as well, because you will want to know that your parents are in good hands.

Are Health Services Included?

It is important to know that your elderly or disabled parent will be cared for when an emergency occurs. Knowing that the facility that you have chosen has medical services included is definitely a plus. You and your parents will feel much better knowing that were something to happen in the middle of the night, the staff would be there in an instant.

 Is It like Home?

Liking the façade of a facility is considered a prerequisite for many people. Are there outdoor patios for a parent to enjoy some time in the sun? Is the living space like a decent-size apartment, or is it small like a dorm? These types of questions are necessary for you to ask, as you want your parents to live in a place that reminds them of home.

What Are the Fees?

Now is the time to figure out how much money you are able to afford to spend on your parents living arrangements. Obviously, the higher-rated facilities will be equipped with better assistance and living arrangements. However, with a little bit of research you might find a bargain and a perfect place for your parents to live.

These are a few tips to help you find the right assisted living facility for your elderly parents. Remember to do research and ask for recommendations from friends and doctors. Definitely consider taking your parents for a quick preview of the place, as they are the ones who will be living there, so their opinion should be a priority.

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19 May 2015

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