3 Great Ideas For An Indoor Playground


Whether you plan on throwing a huge birthday party, building an on-site daycare for a large company, or managing a professional babysitting service, indoor playground equipment can mean the difference between entertaining a child and trying desperately to keep them from becoming bored. Take a look below at three types of indoor playground equipment that will keep the little ones happy the whole day through.


In the context of indoor playgrounds, "ballistics" refers to machines that feature soft foam balls for kids to play with. The sheer variety of machines means that kids can keep themselves entertained for hours on end and never risk getting hurt by large plastic balls. Some machines release pressurized air in the manner of an air hockey table to create the illusion of free-floating balls that will have even older kids mesmerized. Others feature dumping baskets that can hold hundreds of foam balls at once, only to release them from on high onto a group of eager kids. Still others mimic cannons, shooting out balls in an all-out foam fight that can last the whole day. 

Play Panels

While foam ballistic machines offer a high-energy environment, many kids are content with having things a little more low-key. Play panels are perfect for kids who have long attention spans and like solving puzzles. Distortion mirrors give kids the chance to make funny faces with their friends, while puzzle panels can help younger kids learn about shapes and develop their spatial awareness. Bead mazes attract lots of kids with brightly colored beads and wires, and themed matching play panels can improve a child's memory while teaching them about subjects like outer space or dinosaurs. 

Slides and Swings

What would an indoor playground be without some classic kid's gym equipment? Slides and swings remain favorites with kids of all ages, and all indoor sets keep in mind the safety of even the most rambunctious kids. Many sets combine both slides and swings, with a creative twist (such as a small basketball hoop) to top it off. Others are attached to climber domes that kids can crawl through and jump over, developing their core muscles and keeping them active. Special foam flooring and mats can be installed underneath and around the various freestanding equipment to insure that if kids fall down (and they almost certainly will), they can get right back up and keep playing without feeling a thing. 


7 July 2015

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