4 Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated At An Urgent Care Facility

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Some situations should only be handled in an emergency room setting. Thus, if you suspect that you or a loved one is in cardiac arrest, it's best to call an ambulance or head to a hospital. However, if a condition does not appear to be life-threatening, urgent care may be more appropriate.

Although many urgent care centers are not open 24 hours, they often have hours that extend beyond those of a typical doctor's office, making care more accessible for patients in need. In addition, the cost of urgent care is usually substantially less than that of emergency room treatment.

Still, when should you go to an urgent care facility? Here are a few medical conditions for which urgent care can be considered:

Muscle Strains

If you sprain or strain a muscle, the pain that ensues can make it difficult for you to be comfortable in any position. Rather than suffer through the discomfort, it is best to receive urgent care so that the type and extent of the injury can be confirmed and appropriately treated. The urgent care doctor may prescribe pain medication and muscle relaxants as appropriate. In addition, he or she can advise you of appropriate care and precautions you should exercise at home as you recuperate.

Although a sprain or strain can be painful, it is generally not considered a medical emergency.

Skin Rashes

Rashes may not cause extreme discomfort, but they should still be assessed by a doctor as soon as possible. Some rashes, such as those associated with Lyme disease, are symptomatic of a more serious condition.

Broken Fingers or Toes

If you break a small bone, you may not need emergency care. Broken fingers and toes can often be effectively treated in an urgent care setting.

The doctor should be able to x-ray, set and immobilize the broken appendage in the urgent care center. However, for large bones such as a broken leg or for serious compound fractures, emergency care may be best.

Flu and Cold Symptoms

Flu and severe cold symptoms may require medical care to prevent the illness from progressing to a more serious condition, such as pneumonia. By acting promptly, you can limit the severity of your symptoms, especially for the flu.

Antiviral drugs may be administered during the first couple of days of the flu. However, if you wait too long for treatment, the drugs are ineffective.

If you believe that you have a medical condition that needs urgent care, go to Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home an urgent care facility in your area as soon as possible.


13 January 2016

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