5 Reasons To Hire In-Home Health Care


If you have an elderly loved one whose health is decreasing, meaning that they need more help around the house for everyday tasks, you should definitely consider in-home health care. This way, you can give yourself a break while still ensuring that your loved one is being taken care of. Here are five main reasons to choose this option for health care.

Helps With Personal Care

In-home health care nurses are trained and experienced to provide personal care that you may not be comfortable doing on your own. This includes assisting your loved one to the bathroom, bathing them, and getting them dressed. If your loved one is in a fragile state, it can even make you nervous to do this on your own. An in-home health care nurse will help you learn how to do these things on your own when they may not be around. 

Create a Schedule for Your Needs

When you hire an in-home health care nurse, you can set a schedule for them to follow that is going to ensure you are getting what you are paying for and that tasks you are not able to complete on your own are getting taken care of, as well. For example, you can have the in-home healthcare nurse go food shopping on certain days, pick up medications, and do laundry on other days. 

Prevent Injuries

As your loved one ages, problems with falls can start to arise because their bones have become brittle and weak. An in-home health nurse will ensure that your loved one has proper assistance when getting up to walk around. This is helpful when you are not around because it allows your loved one to get around the house comfortably without injuring themselves. 


Leaving your loved one alone during certain times of the day can make them feel depressed. When they are with an in-home health care nurse, this is not the case. They will feel a sense of companionship that will prevent feeling depressed. This is important because when depression sets in, it can affect their health significantly. Most often, this leads to elderly people losing their appetite. 

Comfort of Home

Being able to keep your loved in their own home with their family can make them more comfortable. This is definitely something that is more beneficial than placing your loved one in an assisted living facility. 

When you know these four reasons to hire in-home health care, you can see why it's worth the money that you put into it. 


17 November 2016

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