Information On Memory Care Facilities


If you will be putting your family member in a facility and they have dementia, then you may have already heard of memory care facilities. If you have heard of them but you aren't really familiar with them, then you more than likely have plenty of questions you'll want to have answered before you decide this is the best environment for your loved one. Here are answers to questions many loved ones have and therefore you might have too.

Are memory care facilities really different than other care facilities?

There are some specific differences between memory care facilities and there are also many similarities. The foundation of both facilities will be the same in that each one will strive to provide your loved one with a caring and safe living environment that has resources in place to help your family member live in a place where their overall well-being is catered to. However, with a memory care facility, there are other areas of concern that deal specifically with the dementia their patients are dealing with.


One of the things that a memory care facility may have that goes above and beyond what other care facilities have is a stronger emphasis on security in which a lot of steps are taken to prevent one of the residents from wandering off due to their dementia. Some of the features a memory care facility may have include security, strategically placed cameras, one-way locks, door alarms, and more.

Hygiene and grooming

A memory care facility can have more help for the residents that can be there to help make sure they are properly groomed and that their hygiene needs are met. When someone has dementia, they will often not care for themselves, forgetting to do things like shower regularly and care for their teeth. These things can be unhealthy and the staff will be there to make sure these things are done regularly.

Health and wellness

With a memory care facility, the staff will be extra diligent when it comes to making sure that the residents make it to their doctor's appointments and that they have taken their medications, as well as done the other things necessary for them to stay healthy.

Memory issues

In a memory care facility, there are many things that are done specifically to help the residents to maintain as much of their memory as possible. This is done by having reminders and things like large calendars in specific locations, by playing games that help residents to exercise their memories, and by getting them to think about things on a regular basis that will help to slow their memory decline as much as possible.


13 November 2019

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