Care Package Ideas For A Loved One In Assisted Living


Assisted living centers provide a healthy balance between community and independent living. While most assisted living facilities provide meals, entertainment, and more for their residents, you can still take small steps to brighten the day of your loved one. Monthly care packages, for example, are an inexpensive way to have a sizeable effect on your loved one's quality of life. Consider the following items to really make a care package feel special.

Luxury Bath Products

If your loved one can't go shopping very often, sending their favorite lotions, hair products, bath bombs, scrubs, and scents can help them feel pampered and refreshed. Be sure, however, to check that any products you send are suitable for sensitive skin and preferably hypo-allergenic. When in doubt, ask your friend or relative for a list of toiletries they might appreciate.

Favorite Snacks and Baked Goods

Assisted living means enjoying communal daily meals cooked by the staff. But many residents still miss the small treats they used to eat regularly. If your loved one has limited personal funds or difficulty leaving the facility, consider sending a few favorite snacks every month. That might include baked cookies, chips, fancy teas, or a special candy brand. Do keep in mind that many assisted living apartments have limited kitchen space. Your loved one might instead appreciate a monthly gift card to a favorite restaurant. 

Seasonal Items

The changing of the seasons brings new joys and challenges for assisted living residents. In winter, for instance, you could send your loved one a warm blanket, slippers, and hot cocoa packets to stay cozy. For summer, consider sandals, fresh fruit, and flowers. These add a little variety to life and will ensure your loved one stays comfortable through all seasons. 

Projects and Puzzles

Staying active and engaged prolongs the mental health and physical well-being of senior citizens and can be especially important in assisted living. Your loved one will no doubt find friends and hobbies in the facility, but it never hurts to send more activities. Items like puzzles, movie tickets, gift cards, knitting patterns, and books can all enrich residents' daily activities and show them you care.

Personal Notes and Mementos

Finally, perhaps the most valuable gifts you can send to your loved ones are bits and pieces of family life. Signed cards, photos, and crafts made by child relatives are all heartwarming additions to any care package. More than anything, assisted living residents benefit from feeling loved, supported, and part of their wider community. If you're not sure where to send a care package or what would be most useful, contact your loved one's assisted living facility today for advice and information.


18 August 2022

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