Ways Memory Care Staff Can Prevent Falls In Alzheimer's Patients


People with Alzheimer's disease need frequent monitoring because they are at an elevated risk of falling. If your senior loved one has Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia, consider a memory care facility, where the aging adult will be closely monitored to prevent falls and other accidents. Here are some "falls risk" interventions the memory care staff may implement to help keep your elderly loved one safe and free from falls while in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

18 November 2021

The Top 3 Signs You Need In-Home Personal Caregiver Services


While many people may not think of growing old, it's essential to have a basic plan. By doing this, you can avoid unnecessary surprises as you age. One of the best ways to prepare your loved ones for growing old services is understanding particular signs of aging. For example, an individual who neglects their day-to-day activities because of poor memory may qualify as a candidate for an in-home personal caregiver. This type of care can be vital for your loved one and allows older adults to live healthier, safer, and more independent lives as they age.

16 September 2021