What To Expect When Recovering From Total Hip Replacement Surgery


Your hip has caused you pain for years due to to the arthritis in that joint. Your doctor has discussed replacing that hip with an artificial one, and you have scheduled your surgery. The surgical replacement of your hip is just the start of the process. When you get back home, the real work begins, as you do physical therapy to get your hip back into shape. Here is what to expect after the surgery and your continued recovery at home.

14 December 2015

What Types Of Payment Are Commonly Accepted By Nursing Homes?


When family members or loved ones become unable to care for themselves, it is often the best option to have them admitted into a nursing home where they can receive around-the-clock care. Nursing homes provide a wide variety of care including medical care, personal care and activities to enjoy with other residents. Residents live in the nursing home full time, but are able to have daily visitors and those residents who are able often go on outings with the nursing home staff on occasion.

27 October 2015

4 Reasons A Senior Living Facility Is A Great Option


Do you have an aging parent or loved one who is starting to show signs of more care needs? It can be difficult to have to make the choice to invest in care providers or facilities, but you want to make sure that your loved one's needs are always met. Senior living facilities offer a number of benefits to patients. Take a look at the following information to better understand why a senior living facility is a great option.

21 September 2015

Does My Loved One Need Memory Care?


Experts estimate that there are 5.2 million Americans battling Alzheimer's. While this disease can be difficult for the afflicted individual to cope with, the symptoms can make it difficult for family members to care for an affected loved one. If you are responsible for a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, then enrolling that person in a memory care facility can be beneficial. Here are three signs that it might be time to find a qualified memory care facility to care for your loved one.

12 August 2015

3 Great Ideas For An Indoor Playground


Whether you plan on throwing a huge birthday party, building an on-site daycare for a large company, or managing a professional babysitting service, indoor playground equipment can mean the difference between entertaining a child and trying desperately to keep them from becoming bored. Take a look below at three types of indoor playground equipment that will keep the little ones happy the whole day through. Ballistics In the context of indoor playgrounds, "

7 July 2015

The Truth Behind Hospice: What Every Patient Should Know About Hospice Care


Hospice care is one of the most misunderstood services provided in healthcare. Many people believe that hospice care is reserved for people who are waiting to die. This isn't the case. Since most people are only exposed to hospice when facing terminal illness, it leads to many misconceptions and some misunderstandings. Here's a look at some of the things that you should know about hospice, especially if you've been diagnosed with a chronic and potentially fatal condition.

24 June 2015

4 Tips For Choosing An Assisted Living Facility For Your Elderly Loved Ones


Choosing an assisted living facility for a parent can be confusing and stressful. Certain questions should be asked so that you know that the facility meets up to your criteria, as well as your parents. After all, they will be the ones that actually live in the facility. Below you will find some questions that you will want to ask when searching for the right assisted living facility for your elderly loved ones.

19 May 2015